Its is our Pleasure to show our respect and admiration that our brave men and women in uniform do on behalf of our country. So we want to show our support for our country and for our men and women and uniform to make sure that they will be taken care of in our community and our fair city of El Paso, Texas. This is what we believe in and what we think is the best to do. So we will do our part to do what we can for our proud men and wome and uniform.

We will offer a discount to our men and women serving our country in uniform in either the military or in law enforcement. Please let us know about this immediately and we will give you a discount on all of your purchases at our store. This is what we believe in and this what we will do to play our part supporting our country, our community and the sacrifice that our brave men and women in uniform serving this country deserve. We do this with great pleasure and we want to make this happen for all of these people here at the Italian Kitchen West.

Thank you

The Management staff at the Italian Kitchen West Restaurarnt.